Unclog a sink with boiled water

stopped_sinkSome times, one of your sinks will get stuffed. And you’re not having trouble with other slow draining sinks or toilets  if just one sink is clogged, then the problem is probably just with drain lines related to this sink drain and not with the main sewer drainage line in your home. In this tutorial we’ll also discuss the right plunger to use for sinks (versus toilets) and what to do if the clog is a bit more rigid.

Almost most clogs in sinks and vessels are caused by a combination of hair and soaps and tepid water. If you have metal pipes, you can use the hot water, I mean boiling hot water down the drain, this is the first thing you can try to get rid of the clog. Hot tap water will do nothing to dissolve the clog.

Do not pour the boiling water directly on the porcelain sink and the glass sink, but rather down the drain, and do not use boiling water if you have plastic PVC pipes, because water over 175 degrees Fahrenheit can soften some types of PVC pipe. You can use a plunger to clear the clog for plastic pipes.

1) Boil a gallon of water with your pot or some other equipment.

2) Carefully carry it over to the sink with the clog.

3) Pour the boiling water into the drain slowly (not directly onto the porcelain) and check whether it dissolves the clog.

4) If not, you must use a plunger and things will get more difficult.

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